Columbus Lowndes Humane Society

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What's Happening at CLHS: EVENTS

Karen Johnwick

Director of CLHS since Dec 2007
Married to Jeff Johnwick for 20 years, active duty military wife for over 20 years. Mother of two wonderful teenagers that attend Columbus Christian Academy, 7 dogs and 2 cats. Born in Florida, lived in Ohio, England, and Mississippi. Karen has worked with animals most of her life and hopes to continue to do so as long as she lives.

Jason Nickles

Manager (or as he likes to call himself “Jack of all trades”) for CLHS since 2006 
Has a B.S. in Business and over 15yrs experience assisting veterinarians. Married to Cassidi Nickles and father of Rushton. When Jason is not saving cats and dogs, you can find him racing motorcycles most weekends.

Trudy McDanell

Senior Care Animal Attendant for CLHS since 2011 
Married to Dennis McDanell, mother of three sons. Originally from California, moved to MS 2003. Trudy has rescued 5 furbabies from CLHS and have fostered countless.

Lisa Richard

Office Manager for CLHS since 2010 
Lisa is a proud mother of 2 boys Justin & Chase. She was born & raised in Birmingham AL. Lisa was employed as a hairstylist & modeled clothes, until she moved to Columbus MS in 1990. She has 4 rescue animals. They are the loves of her life. Piper, Gizmo, & 2 spotted geckos. Plus the 2 she already had, Cole & Echo.

Darlene Brown

Head Cat Attendant for CLHS since 2010 
Born in Cat Fish Alley Columbus, MS, moved to MI and married Clyde Brown. Has two sons Seth and Phillip. Grandmother of 2 boys and 2 girls. 

Nicole Fain

Volunteer Coordinator and Animal Care Attendant for CLHS Since 2011 
In addition to serving as volunteer coordinator for the past 3 years, Nicole has also had the pleasure of volunteering at off-site adoption events, fundraisers and supply drives. In early 2014 she began working part-time as an animal care attendant. Other areas of interest include fostering mother cats with litters, bottle feeding orphan kittens, writing grant proposals, and advancing TNR projects. She grew up in Virginia and is a RN. Her husband is a retired air force pilot, currently working as a simulator pilot. They have been married 23 years and have six children, ages 7-17. They live in Caledonia, MS.

Mikayla Reed

Animal Care Attendant for CLHS since 2014 
Currently enrolled at East Mississippi Community College and majoring in Psychology. Future goals involve becoming a Psychiatrist in the World’s Greatest Air Force! Mikayla’s weekends are spent racing motocross with her awesome dad and she absolutely adores going to school and working at CLHS!

Chris McDanell

Animal Care Attendant for CLHS since 2011 
Moved from California to Mississippi in 2002. Helped with fostering dogs with his mother Trudy for years. 

Jyl Barefield

CLHS Board President  
Jyl is a lifelong resident of Colmbus, MS. She graduated from MS State University with a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. After retiring from the public school system, Jyl began volunteering for the CLHS, helping at events and walking dogs. In January of 2014, she joined the CLHS board. Over the years, she has volunteered for the Good Samaritan Medical clinic, Market Street, Columbus Arts Council, and the Lowndes County Relay for Life.

Brenda Comer

CLHS Board Vice President 
Brenda is a lifelong resident of Columbus and Lowndes County. Married to Bubba Comer. Graduate of MUW. She has been employed at Bennett Ophthalmology Group for 29 years. Longtime supporter of CLHS and joined the Board of CLHS in 2007.

Katherine Mallory

CLHS Board Treasurer  
Katherine Mallory is the newest member of the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society Board of Directors. A native of Canton, she and her husband, Marcus, have lived in Columbus for 17 years with their two children, Marcus Jr. and Patrick.

Teresa Palmer Miley

CLHS Board Assistant Treasurer 
Originally from Amory, MS, Teresa graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Accounting. She moved to Columbus in 1991 and joined the CLHS Board that same year. She has been employed at BankTEL Systems for the past 12 years.

Becky Cunningham

Board Member for CLHS since 2011 
Becky is a life long resident of Columbus, MS and graduated from MSU with a Business Degree. She retired from the District Attorneys office after 32 years as a Victims Advocate. She is a member of Wesley United Methodist Church 

Chase Pridmore

CLHS Board Member Since 2016  
Chase is a Columbus native and graduate from Mississippi State University, where she earned her degree in public relations and communications. She realized she wanted to be involved in helping animals when she adopted her dog, Moby, from CLHS in 2012.


The photos below give you a glimpse into the environment here at the Columbus Lowndes Humane Society.  We are very proud of our new facility and grateful to all who contributed to it's creation. Come on in, take a look around. You'll be glad you did.

The CLHS offers a Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program for anyone receiving government assistance. Qualifying programs include Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, Disability, Social Security Disability, Aid to families with Dependent Children, CHIPS, or if you are a current college student. If you qualify, come to the shelter prepay and fill out the consent form and we will make you an appointment.

Spay / Neuter Pricing:

Dogs: $45 (if over 70 pounds will be more depending on weight)

Cats: $35

What to expect:

To make an appointment you need to come to CLHS and prepay for your appointment and fill out your surgery consent form. When we have an appointment date we will call you to confirm that date.

Pre-surgery instructions include:

- Do not allow your pet to eat after 10pm the night before the surgery. Water is ok.
- Bring in outside or confine outside pets the night before to prevent them from getting into food or running off.
- Please ensure your pet is free of fleas and ticks. This is for the protection of the other pets in the shelter. Your pet will not be able to be bathed or groomed for 10-14 days after surgery.
- Let CLHS know if your pet is showing any signs of sickness.
- All dogs MUST be brought in on a leash. If your dog is aggressive, make sure to have a muzzle on him/her before entering the shelter.
- All cats MUST be brought in to the shelter in a carrier. Each cat should have its own carrier.

Day of surgery:

Please arrive at 8:00am (no later than 8:15am) on the day of your pet’s appointment. All surgeries will be completed and you can pick your pet up between 4:00-5:00pm that same day. All pets MUST be picked up by 5:00 that same day!

Why spay/neuter?

There are many reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered. The top three are Pet Overpopulation, Health Benefits for your pet, and Behavioral Benefits for your pet.

• Pet Overpopulation:

- The U.S. has a severe pet overpopulation crisis and the ONLY way to prevent this is to spay and neuter.

- 6-8 million pets enter animal shelters each year.

- 3-4 million pets are euthanized in those shelters.

- Every summer, CLHS experiences “kitten season”, in which hundreds of kittens flood the shelter at once. Most of these kittens are born at the same time because cats breed based on the weather; long days and warm weather are their triggers that it is time to have kittens.

- Spay/Neuter is the ONLY way we will be able to overcome the pet overpopulation crisis that plagues our nation.

• Heath Benefits include:

- Spay and Neutered pets are less likely to roam, which in turn decreases lifetime emergency veterinary costs due to lessened chances of being hit by a car or the pet going missing.

- Spayed and Neutered pets live an average of 2 years longer than unfixed pets.

- Spay and Neuter reduces and totally eliminates some forms of cancers and certain types of infections that can be life threatening.

- Spay and Neuter eliminates the health risks associated with a female pet giving birth.

• Behavioral Benefits include:

- Spayed and Neutered pets are less likely to roam, decreasing their chances of being hit by a car or go missing.

- Neutered male dogs and cats are less likely to take part in nuisance behaviors like mounting, urine marking, and yowling.

- Spayed female cats and dogs do not go through the messy heat cycles.

- Spay and Neuter can reduce or eliminate fighting between male cats and aggression in dogs.

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The Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society has a contract with the City of Columbus and Lowndes County to provide Animal Care for unwanted or stray animals from the city. We are dependent for the remainder upon...

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Our Wish List
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- Large bath towels
- New heating pads
- Bleach
- Laundry detergent (any brand with bleach)
- Mr. Clean® Animal...

Happy Tails: Make a difference!

Happy Tails: Make a difference!
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